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2002: Thanks to Sally Nielsen, with updates from Mogens Bechsgaard present  information on a club in Denmark.

. The Danish Vizsla club was founded in 1982. Today the number of members are about 200 (the total of Vizslas in Denmark is about 1000).

Besides advice for/and communication with new owners and breeders, the club make arrangements for working tests and training in field, retrieving and tracking. The club also arrange shows, and local contact persons make it possible for Vizsla owners to meet at a 'Family Day' several places in the country every summer.

The club publish a Newsletter 3-4 times a year, and besides that an annual publication with official results of tests and shows for the club's Vizslas, and a brief summary of the work in the club.

The club has further more elabotated a genealogical tree for the Danish Vizslas.

The Danish Vizsla CLub is a small club - but it's a very active club!!

The officers in the Danish Vizsla Club:

President:    Peder Jensen, Døjringevej 46, 4180  Sorø

Club Address:   Munke-Bjergbyvej 49,  4190 Munke-Bjergby

Vice-president: Kent B. Hansen, Plovvej 4,  4772 Langebaek

Treasurer:            Knud Fohns, Blomstervænget 12, 6950 Ringkøbing

Public Relation:      Nancy Jensen, Munke-Bjergbyvej 49, 4190 Munke-Bjergby


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