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Gina Ordonez started a commentary on the Vizsla Listserv of special Vizsla words that she had used as filler in the Illinois newsletter. She asked people to create some more words and a long and funny series of email notes started to appear. These words are funny-yet-appropriate vocabulary to add to our language(s) -- admittedly Vizsla-centric -- and we thank everyone for their creation of and contributions to this growing list.

  • PVS: Pathetic Vizsla Syndrome: the ability the Vizsla has to look/act ill when something happens they do not like or they are not getting their own way.
  • VIZSDICTIONS: The addictions that come with owning (or being owned by) Vizslas ...showing, hunting, obedience, agility, field, etc.
  • VLICKING: The typical Vizsla greeting, more specifically defined as the art of licking a person all over while jumping four feet off the ground.
  • VLANKET: A covering composed of three or four Vizslas that keep you warm by laying on top of you in all seasons. The warmth is measured in VTU's (see below).
  • VIZLAYS: You can't have just one.
  • VISZLITZU stands for the attack a Vizsla makes usually consisting of a well-timed undercut to the back of the knees.
  • VMS stands for Vizsla Menstral Syndrome, a bitch that goes into heat on the first day of hunting season.
  • VTU: Vizsla Thermal Unit, the amount of heat generated by the dog, on your side of the bed, in July
  • VIZSOSITY INDEX: A not arbitrary number agreed on by the family as the maximum number of Vizslas per household.
  • VISZCOUNT: The actual number of dogs, usually one more than the vizsosity index.
  • VIZSLITORS are people that my Vizsla thinks come to our house solely to see her
  • VSLOBBER is the greeting bestowed by my Vizsla on siad Vizslitor.
  • VIZSFUL thinking -- the way our Vizsla can stare seemingly for hours at whatever we are eating, thinking we are going to feed her from the table.
  • VIZELLO not to be confused with VIZSLAMORTIS, both afflictions seem to be brought on by the same stimuli but manifest themselves quite differently. Both happen when the leader asks the little red person to stack (as in show training). VIZELLO is when they go completely limp and roll on their backs and seem to acquire an extra 50lbs.
  • VIZSLAMORTIS happens under the same circumstances, however the little red person deigns to stack but then locks every single bone in their body thereby making it impossible for them to be stacked YOUR way.
  • VIZSLARIZED is what you are when you consider holes in the wall board a normal part of raising a vizsla!
  • VIZSLARATION is a very close relative of irritation and aggrivation except it has a sense of humour.
  • VIZSLAPSED TIME: The time it takes for 1) your Vizsla to strike the most beautiful pose or point you've ever seen; 2) you grab your camera; 3) you begin to press down on the shutter button; 4) your Vizsla yawns, closes his/her eyes, hunches his/her body in a stretch and looks really goofy; and 5) voila - the picture is taken.
  • VFLOOR COVERINGS: The food crumbs, dirt, mud, grass, water and unmentionables that are always on your carpets and floors - thanks to your wonderful Vizsla(s).
  • VEXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION: How a Vizsla knows that you're putting on your "let's- go-for-a-walk-or-run" shoes or clothes; or the fact that it's a weekend morning.
  • VIZLAMIC: the religion of loving Vizslas.
  • VORENSIC SCIENCE: the scientic study used to find proof of which one of your Vizslas has committed a "crime."
  • VIZZA: The scraps of crust or pieces of meat saved from a pizza for your Vizsla.
  • VIZSLA COLADA: The drink you've set down "only for a second" that your Vizsla comes and slurps from.
  • VALLET: The elegant and graceful dance movements that only a Vizsla can perform.
  • VALLISTIC: As in "gone Vallistic"; to describe the wild brain cramps-induced bouncing off the walls behavior that only a Vizsla can perform.
  • VIPLETS is when you can't have just two.
  • VIZRUPLETS are my four eleven month olds.
  • VIZSULY IMPAIRED: There's another breed of dog?
  • VIZSULY CHALLENGED: Eight or more Vizslas in the house!

    INVIZSABLE: What they think they are when you want them to do something and they'd rather do what you don't want them to do.

  • ARS LONGA, VIZSLA BREVIS: (Latin) art is long, dog is short.
  • EXCLUSIVIZSLAISM: The frowned upon practice of owning only one vizsla.
  • INADVIZSLABLE: The unwise practice of driving with the dogs loose in the car.
  • LOW VIZABILITY: When your V decides that it would be fun to sit in your lap while you are attempting to negotiate traffic.
  • NOVIZABILITY is what happens when the driver's side window is down and your V decides that she would like to hang her head out the window a bit.
  • HIGHVIZABILITY would be your V standing so that she can almost climb onto the rear window shelf so that she can get a better look at passing cars-or they her.
  • VIZPLACEMENT: When your little red head beats you to the recliner.
  • VIZSMEARS: The smudges on the inside of car windows where your V presses her nose.
  • VADAR: The electromagnetic system that allows a sleeping vizsla on the far end of the second floor to detect that you have just begun to cut into an apple.
  • VOPPLER EFFECT: The ability of a vizsla to warp time and space to be sitting politely at your feet, staring at the apple before you've finished the first cut.

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