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The correct sound in English for "Vizsla"  the hungarian letter "ZS" is pronounced like the middle of the  English words: "measure", "leisure", "pleasure" and "usual".


The word "vizsla" is not supposed to be capitalized unless it is at the beginning of a sentence. Breed names that refer to geographical areas are correctly capitalized, vizsla does not refer to a geographical area. However, our view is that we will capitalize the word in keeping with the special stature we ascribe to the dogs.

Singular: Vizsla

Plural (English): Vizslas

Singular Accusative Case (Magyar): Vizslat

The difference between "Vizsla" and "Vizslat" is analogous to the difference between "he/she" and "him/her"

Plural (Magyar): Vizslak

If a specific number is included (such as "six Vizslas") Magyar use the singular form such as "hat vizsla" = "six Vizslas" rather than using "hat vizslak").

(From Lynn Worth quoting from a historical background of the Shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla as translated from the standard of the Hungarian Kennel Club -- a very early paper.) "Count Bela Hadik, owner of the first American Dual Champion Vizsla, in a fit of true Hungarian patriotism, objected to the use of the work "vizslak" as a plural because he said it was a Turkish bastardization that had worked its way into the Hungarian language. It is an acceptable pluralism, but not a pure Hungarian one. At least, not according to Count Hadik. It is the use of the letter "k" that seems to be a problem with some purist scholars. I have seen all the AKC recognized Hungarian breeds pluralized with "k".

Common Words


With an accent above the second "a" (and pronounced "vodass") the word means "hunter". Without the that accent (and pronounced "vodash") means "a dish made from a game meat".

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